Best Time for Laser Eye Surgery

Glasses and contact lenses provide excellent vision for many people. Those who are happy with these arrangements should continue with them. Others, however, find these aids inconvenient and are interested in the option of laser vision correction.

Laser vision correction is an elective procedure. An individual may choose to have the procedure in the following circumstances:

  1. Their dependence on glasses and contact lenses has a significant impact on their quality of life.
  2. They understand the likely benefits and accept the risks of the procedure.
  3. Their refraction is stable (i.e. the power of their glasses or contact lens has not changed significantly over the preceding 12 months).

Glasses and contact lenses can be particularly inconvenient for certain activities and occupations:

  • Playing sport or jogging while wearing glasses, is inconvenient, particularly in the rain.  Perspiring profusely can hinder vision with glasses and lenses.
  • Parents of young children who are largely dependent on glasses for their distance vision can be particularly anxious that they may lose their glasses. They are concerned about their ability to then effectively supervise their children, particularly during critical activities such as swimming lessons.
  • Tradespeople find glasses inconvenient. Most glasses do not cover the eyes enough to provide adequate protection. Safety glasses need to be worn over the top, causing further inconvenience. Contact lenses can present their own problems, particularly for those living and working in dusty environments.
  • Eyes become irritated when lenses are worn for extended periods, particularly in drying environments such as those with ducted heating or air-conditioning. Many people need to remove their lenses during air travel for this reason.
  • Contact lenses can cause infections of the cornea, particularly if worn excessively. They are more likely to cause discomfort if worn exclusively. Suspending wear for periods of time and wearing glasses can be helpful.