Laser Eye Surgery Cost in Melbourne

For most procedures, with the exception of laser vision correction, a considerable proportion of the cost is covered by Medicare and private health insurance.

New technology allows better treatment and improved patient outcomes.  I value having access to the best technology available, keeping up to date with this technology and being committed to using it. 

This newer technology does however come with an increased cost. 

For some procedures, the increased costs associated with new technology are funded by Medicare and Private Health Insurance.

In some cases however, where these costs aren’t covered  by these groups, it can result in an increased out of pocket expense for the patient.  This is case for cataract surgery where the patient has the option of having their surgery using either the conventional or the laser assisted technique. I see my role to present the different treatment options in an objective and unbiased manner to facilitate this decision for the patient.

The cost of surgery should also reflect the Surgeon’s training and experience.  Many will have spent years, often in an overseas institution, having undertaken advanced fellowship training in their field of sub speciality.  I strongly believe Surgeons should continue to undertake ongoing training in their area of specialty, present to their colleagues at conferences and work in an environment that exposes them to the critical appraisal of their peers. 

It is also important to establish what the surgical fee covers in terms of post-operative care and any further procedures, if required.