Ben Connell - Laser Eye Surgeon

I am committed to helping patients achieve their best possible visual outcomes while providing the utmost care and consultation through every stage of the surgery process. 

A little of my background. 

My first interest in ophthalmology dates back to 1992 when I undertook a project for the Fred Hollows Foundation in Eritrea.  I trained in medicine and ophthalmology in Adelaide and Melbourne.  In the UK I successfully completed advanced fellowship training in corneal, refractive and cataract surgery at Moorfields and Manchester Eye Hospitals.

As an eye surgeon in my Melbourne practice Eye Surgery Associates’, I have built extensive clinical experience across a range of diagnostic and treatment areas including cataract, laser-corrective and corneal-transplantation surgery.

As a senior member of the team at the Royal Victorians Eye and Ear Hospital I have further broadened the base of my expertise.

This site provides an overview of the ophthalmological services I am able to provide through Eye Surgery Associates’. I describe the conditions that need to be addressed and their symptoms, the clinical procedures and practices required to address those conditions, together with their implications for you as a patient.

I will also highlight those areas in which I am able to provide special services by virtue of my training, special expertise and the state-of-the-art technology I have at my disposal.